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This bank has not provided me the documents I need to file my taxes and are not being helpful. they don't return phone calls. Because of them i have not been able to file my taxes. they refuse to help and I am going to report them to the IRS

I am 60 years old, have been disabled for 5 years and have a problem with Commerce Bank purposely withholding proper documents I need to file my taxes and therefore I have been unable to file my taxes this year.

I got a 1099 form from them for closing out my IRA with them for a little over $1,000 in 2009. They have records on file, all the documentation they need to veryify i am disabled, I mean my doctor sent them a letter plus when i had my account with them they knew that every month I received a disability check from Social Security. So they are well aware I am disabled and have been for years. They also know my age and based on my age there is also no reason for having coded my 1099 as taxable/penalty for early withdrawal. I have tried to talk to them, the main customer service with Commerce Bank says that I have to handle this through my local branch. That is the Grandview, Missouri branch and they don't return my phone calls. They did call once saying they needed a letter from my doctor but I called back to advise them they already have a letter, I needed to get it for them once before but they deny they have it. So I told them forget the disability based on my age there is no penalty or taxes either but they never even bother to call me back. The person I talked to at the Grandview branch is someone called Meaghan. I left messages on several voice mails and no one ever returns my call.

So I called and talked to a supervisor and she refused to help and just said they need the letter.

They are being deliberately difficult and not helping to give me the documents they are required to give me and I am now fed up with wasting my time to get a document they have the ability and the requirement to supply me but refuse to do so.

I told them I will contact the IRS and they can deal with it but I definitely would recommend anyone looking for a good bank to avoid Commerce like the plague because if you ever have a dispute over a fraudulent charge or an issue like this, Commerce does everything in their power to be NOT HELPFUL.

I am going to spend my time on the internet on every available site warning people about the unethical and illegal behavior of Commerce Bank and its employees and its obstructionist activities. If I can't file my taxes I will make use of my time warning any and all about Commerce Bank.

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