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I applied for a spending card a couple months ago because I was able to direct deposit my student loans and taxes on it. All was fine until I was declined for a purchase on friday, but was able to axcess the atm.

On mon. I was declined again & called customer service. He said there was no error showing, and the card should work. I was declined again & called them again.

After 45 min on hold, I was informed that there is a $5,000. per month cap ?? but the card should work today (tues). I went to the atm & "was not on file", so I went into the bank.

The teller said she could get me $500, but it would not let her either. I again called customer service & was told that in 2 days I could withdraw $80. but would have to wait 30 days WITHOUT using the card to get the $5,000. limit!

I was told this was in the terms when I received the card, so I closed the card & am waiting for my money to be returned "within 30 days" minus "fees". This $5,000. cap is NOT in the terms, and the guy I spoke to said they don't advertise that. RIP OFF!!

They take your money and will not allow you axcess to it.

There has to be something illegal about this. DO NOT get this card!

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I've never heard of that


Actually SO_Sad, if YOU look at the PDF, you will see that the $5,000. limit you refer to is a daily teller limit.

What they conveniently omitted in their list of terms is their $5,000. MONTHLY limit. Once you reach that cap, they lock your card and you can't axcess your money for 30 days.

Who needs to grow up? :roll