Overland Park, Kansas

Late this summer I had a fraudulent charge occur in my bank account a month later Commerce Bank credits my account for the fraudulent charge which included a $1 international fee that was a separate transaction, so keep in mind I'm without my money for a month or so. Several months go by and all of a sudden I receive another credit for the same amount again but didn't realize it was for this issue because it had slipped my mind so I didn't really think much of it since I had done several on line purchases for Christmas thought it might have something to do with something I purchased didn't give it much thought actually.

So then again over a month later all of a sudden I'm getting a debit again to my account for the credit that I had received now this debit overdraws my account now I'm being charged overdraft fees not once but 4 times!!! (2) for the debit transactions which (1) was just for the $1 international fee and (2) for pending transactions that had occurred before this debit hit. I had checked my account on a Tuesday evening and the very next morning it had posted to my account, not even as pending just posted straight to my account. Then I remembered that there had been an envelope in my mailbox the night before from Commerce so I open the letter and it says on such and such date it was going to debit my account for the credit that they had given my twice and the letter was dated a week and a half before this had even received the letter and this occurs the morning right after I pull the letter out of my mailbox, so no warning for me at all.

So then I saw I had another monthly automatic withdraw sitting in the pending so I deposit enough money to cover that transaction hoping to not get hit with another overdraft but since my account was still in the negative they hit my account for $36 in overdraft fees for my $7 automatic debit and also hit me with a $36 overdraft fee for my DEPOSIT??!!! So now this is (6) overdraft fees totaling $216, and all the while I would have never been overdraw had this not occurred. So I called the bank and explained to them not only was I a victim back this summer of someone stealing from my account but now they're taking 4 times the amount the original culprit was going to. I explained that I didn't care if they took their money back but now your taking mine and a lot of it, they could have at least given me heads up, called or something not send me a letter when its clearly too late for me to do anything about it.

So when I'm talking to the lady at Commerce bank on the phone she starts talking to me like I stole the money from them, so I tell her I didn't ask for the money to be credited to my account twice and her response is I shouldn't have spent money that was not mine....well it was in MY BANK ACCOUNT, and I thought it was mine until I opened the letter. So I guess I was supposed to indefinitely leave $51 in my account and wait to see if someone was going to debit my account for the credit that had been issued. So as a punishment to me for not checking to see what the second credit was about this women would only credit my account back half of the overdraft fees leaving me paying $108 in overdraft fees, no groceries for my kids that week. If you file a fraudulent claim with Commerce you won't just be a victim once you will be a victim twice and the second time will hit you twice if not four times harder.

And what's the point in their email alerts of low funds and overdraft fees if it comes after the fact?? I will definitely be looking to bank elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Commerce Bank Deposit.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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