We applied for a card in June and received it toward the end of June. We then charged around $70 on a $12,000 credit limit and that was all.

We then received our first statement in the mail on August 11 with a late fee of $27.50.

I called them and explained that I just received the first statement. They said I received a statement July 5th (2 weeks after we received the card?) and then never paid. I told them about our excellent credit and that it was only $70 on a $12000 credit line and that it was not the money that was a problem but that I had not yet established a payment date so I didn't know when the due date was. Spoke to a rep and a supervisor who were absolutely non-caring.

The supervisor said that he had no evidence to corroborate my claim that I never received the first statement. I really think this is a scam they are using to get $25 from who knows how many thousands of people. I told him that if they did print a statement it could have been their people who misplaced it or the mail carrier dropped it or whatever? They have no intention or ability to show mercy or help even for a first time problem on a new account.

He said it was my responsibility. I conceded that but said that I did not yet know the due date.

NO Mercy from them. Wish someone would investigate these big banks continually to see how much they scam people out of when they create these odd situations themselves in order to charge fees???

Product or Service Mentioned: Commerce Bank Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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