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Recently I had a horrible experience with my bank (Commerce Bank). I have been banking with Commerce Bank since I was 16 years old.

I have never once overdrawn my account. I was charged overdraft fees for a charge I did not make. On 10/17 I made a total purchase for $150 at a business. I authorized a tip of $25 on a purchase that was for $125.

That was the purchase that I made. To be clear it was $150 total. My running balance was fine and always remains at or above $100. I noticed my balance was $125 off where it should have been.

I realized that there was an additional charge of $125 for the business on 10/19. I called the business furious that they charged me twice. They explained to me that they had not charged me twice and referred me to my bank. So I called the bank and was told that the charge was because the original transaction was for $125 and that was what was authorized, so it had to sit in pending transactions.

What I don't understand is the $125 was the authorized transaction and is included in the $150 how can they capture an additional $125. How can they take that extra $125 from my running balance? How is it legal to create an imaginary charge and then charge me overdraft fees for it? They said that it would drop off in a couple days, but I insisted that it be removed as it was not a valid charge.

The next day I noticed the overdraft fees on my account for a charge that this bank created. When I called to speak to a rep she was condescending and unhelpful. She wasn't even listening to what I was saying. She then tried to sell me overdraft protection as a solution to a problem that the bank created.

I do not need overdraft protection because I do not over withdrawal my account. Then she transferred me to no one. She said she was going to transfer me to another department but really she disconnected the call. I admit I wasn't being nice because I was angry and I was not being heard.

I called my branch and had the fees waived "as a one time courtesy". Why should it be a one time courtesy when I never overdrew my account? No one was willing to admit that it was a bank error.

I want an admission that this was not my error and that I did not overdraw my account because I didn't. It is not fair and I am certain that it is not legal that for a bank to add duplicate charges to a loyal customer's accounts.

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