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I was trying to deposit 1980.00 cash deposit into bank account , after handling the cash to the teller , she claims that I give her only 1780.00,after asking her for some physical bills that I give her. She bring me different money, to proove that she is lying ,

I try to deposit 400.00, but I memorize the serial numbers of the bills, but before finishing the transaction, I ask for the some money , she give the different money, than the manager confess that once you put the money in the machine to be counted, you cannot has the some money, but the the some amount, which mean if the machine is wrong about counting, than you are out of luck for good.

Is illegal for bank to mix the counsumer money with their money before finishing transaction of counting and printing his receipt of deposit? I'm trying to federal reserve help line, please anyone with the some situation.???

Product or Service Mentioned: Commerce Bank Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I had the same experience...

Just change your bank.

Not worth talking to those suckers.

Capon Bridge, West Virginia, United States #21588

I would like to make the following comment in the best way possible. Maybe the teller did not understand your English?

Bila Tserkva, Kyiv, Ukraine #13365

I understand they are a bunch of *** artist over at that bank. Did you call the FDIC? That is who secures your money.

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