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Last summer I tried to deposit $1000.00 (10 one hundred dollar bills) at the drive-up ATM at the Crestwood branch on Watson Road. It was a rainy/windy night.

After inserting the money, the machine rejected two of the bills. Before I knew it, the machine shot the bills out just as a gust of wind blew by. So I was forced to run through the lot chasing the money. Such a terrible design!

Update your ATMs so that the money is protected from the elements!

YESTERDAY, I deposited $200.00 (10 twenty dollar bills) in the drive up ATM at the Twin Oaks Branch. The machine accepted my money, but displayed a message that some bills were being returned. This time, I was ready to catch the bills, but all I heard was clicking and the machine was flashing red. After waiting and waiting, the machine spit out a receipt saying that they were unable to complete the deposit and that I should call an 800 number IF the machine had failed to return the money.

There was no record of how much I had deposited and no money was given back to me. First thing this morning, I tried calling the branch. All calls go to the main switchboard, where there were long hold times waiting for an operator to ask to speak to a “live” person at the branch. First call went to the branch manager’s voicemail.

I called back to the switchboard, was transferred to the branch, and the second call went to the teller supervisor’s voicemail. I called back to the switchboard, was transferred to branch, and the third call went to the personal banker’s voicemail. Exasperated, I tried the 800 number, and was greeted with a message that someone would be with me in 8-10 minutes. So I drove to the Twin Oaks Branch.

When I arrived, the branch manager was in his office (alone) looking at papers. One personal banker was in her cubicle alone. Two other personal bankers were together in a cubicle looking at a computer; again no customers were present in these three locations. One of the two personal bankers looked up from the computer and said that she’d be with me in a few minutes, then she went right back to looking at the computer with her co-worker.

I waited a few minutes and then informed her that I expected prompt attention. She rolled her eyes and ask me what was wrong. I explained the situation and she immediately began to minimize the problem by flippantly saying: “So the machine malfunctioned? She When I challenged her reaction, she and her co-worker stepped away and returned after a few minutes later with the branch manager who took the same “shrug of the shoulder” response and seeming disbelief that I’d be so upset at the bank when it was the ATMs fault ???

I ask how they’d feel if it was their $200 in limbo??? The branch manager then proceeded to tell me that if I didn’t treat his employees better he would exercise his right to deny service I.e. he threatened to throw me out. I’ve been a COMMERCE customer since 1997.

I rarely need help with my accounts, but this entire situation is unforgivable. The branch manager finally helped resolve the matter, but in so doing he revealed ongoing problems with the ATM and that other customers had also been inconvenienced by this faulty equipment. He explained that a paper check from a prior ATM customer had jammed the machine and that he wished that the Commerce employees - who remotely monitor the equipment - would have shut down the machine. Bottom line, his initial response was that Brinks would empty the machine on Thursday (the problem occurred on Sunday), that any unaccounted for money would be credited to my account on Friday, and that the money “should be” available by Saturday.

Fortunately, the corporate office voluntarily issued a “provisional credit” pending their review. So, through no fault of my own, my money was taken by a faulty machine on a Sunday, I wasted 1.5 hours on a Monday, and instead of getting immediate credit for my money, I received a provisional credit.

LOUSY EQUIPMENT AND LOUSY SERVICE. When this is resolved I will close my account!

Product or Service Mentioned: Commerce Bank Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: A senior level manager (not the branch mgr) to respond to my complaint..

Commerce Bank Cons: Faulty atm - lousy customer service.

  • Customer Exploitation
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