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I had a $30 charge appear on my checking account which I did not authorize. The only detail on my bank statement was a phone number, no company name.

So, I called the phone number, it turned out to be a call center for various companies, and they told me that in order to reverse the charge I would have to know which company charged me. I told them I had no way of knowing who charged me, my Commerce bank statement didn't give that info., just a phone number. They put me on hold, then disconnected me. Obviously, a scam company and bogus charge.

So, I filed a dispute form with Commerce Bank in regards to the charge. The result was that Commerce bank would not reverse the charge. Their reason was "I could not identify the company that charged me". What in the world!!

This bank is so incompetent that they can't even determine who charged my account fraudulently ??? And then they blame me for that ??? It's the bank's responsibility to tell me who charged my account!!!

And, they couldn't even do that. This is the worst bank that I have ever seen.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I filed the complaint with their customer service dept. in Kansas City. This is the Commerce Bank with the big green logo.


There are a lot of unrelated Commerce Banks across the country - where is this one?


Nope, closing the account won't do any good. They will still allow the charges to go thru, since in their opinion they're not unauthorized, and thusly they will then charge me od charges.


I bet if you threaten to close your account with them then they'll do something about it. But then again maybe not.

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