Commerce Bank has, on more then one occasion, conveniently rearranged transaction so as to make my account negative and take their $35 NSF fees from me.

For instances, this morning I went on to check my account, as I do every day. A transaction that was not posted yesterday showed up as clearing yesterday and of course made my account negative. They then took their $35.00 fee and now I am deeper in the hole.

To top it off, my pay check was direct deposited last night. But, that shows up as a pending transaction. I work for the Federal Government.

Why would a Government pay check need time to clear.

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banks clear you checks from biggest to smallest as a courtesy to the customer because in most cases the larger check written is a mortgage/rent pymnt/car pymnt/etc. would you rather have those paid first or your visa check card purchases to mcdonalds?

also, if you check the disclosure they give you when you open your acct it will clearly state that policy. as for "holding your ach payroll deposits" that is ridiculous, even your so called government payroll. it shows in pending transactions but is still available to you for that business day. otherwise, they don't have to pend it all, and then it would just pop up in your acct the next business day anyways.

maybe you guys should get your facts straight before you ***...and you ppl getting the 35 fee, it's becuase you have overdrafted more than 5 times in a 12 month period, so you have some real credibility when it comes to complaining about overdrafts! haha

Milano, Texas, United States #28174

Commerce takes your pending checks and rearranges them from biggest to smallest. I have caught them putting the checks back into pending after they cleared just to rearrange.

This just happened today and I know for a fact that my pay check was deposited before these checks went through.

The company I work for banks there so I know that should have cleared.

Watch your backs with banks, they will try and scam and not get cought. Always check your account everyday.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico #12589

This *** happened to me. I paid four items and was charged for the smaller items.

35 bucks a piece.

Its funny how items take five days to post but the fees come within 2 days. I am leaving this thieving *** bank.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #8928

interesting . I wonder if I will get immediate use of my tax refund or if the bank will put a clearing hold on it? Federal checks should be immediately available but you have make arrangements with the bank to get special treatment for your federal check

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