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The company I work for does direct deposits of our commision on the 5th and 20 of the month. THye also direct deposit 200.00 for gas on the 3rd of the month.

I get a confirmation email the day of the deposit. I got a call from my heating oil provider that my check had been returned for insufficient funds. I know I had 1500 in my account..or thought I did. When I check with Commerce they said there had been no dierct deposits since the month before and my account was overdrawn due to overdraft fees. The rep was rude condescending and down right apathetic.

I said I have 3 confirmation emails of direct deposit to my account from my company. WHERE IS MY MONEY? She said oh they must have deposited in the wrong account. We will have to see what happened. She said it will take 7-10 business days to find the direct deposits. Wait it gets better!

My name is first on the acount there all account activity should go through me and all calls should come to me. Commerce Collections called my husband and said our accoutn was in collections because we were 14 days in overdraft. We were in over draft because of Commerce's screw up. I called the collections dept and I was not nice. IN fact I might have used a few 4 letter words.The woman had the nerve to sy she didnt have phone number so she called my husband AT WORK and embarassed him. I asked her to look again. YOu have MY cell phone number under MY name. Do not call my huusband call me. You have violated my civil rights and I am calling the Banking Commision today. So far 2 weeks later my 1500.00 has not repaeared. I have opened a new account with a very small bank in our town and changed my direct deposits. I am calling Commerce daily just to annoy them

Product or Service Mentioned: Commerce Bank Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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They lost my $500, too. Lawsuit, immediately.

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