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I received a Commerce Bank Gift Card of $25 for Christmas and have had so much difficulty trying to use at it any cash register(It's always declined). I finally succeeded in using it once for a $10 transaction.

However, between December and today February 19, I have been charged almost $2.50 every 3 weeks. I called their customer services and the representative said the fee is for "maintainance" and cannot be refunded. This sucks! I am going to complain to the Better Business Bureau as something needs to be done to about this.

$2.50 for maintenance of a gift card every few weeks or monthly seem extreme to me.

They are THIEVES!

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Kingsville, Missouri, United States #4483

You need to understand that a bank's ATM goes through two systems.

If you dep a large check in the ATM, it is put in by a Teller in a regular batches and made availlable automatically the next day.

If Loss Prevention has a reason to put a hold on the check, they will.

And either way, if you deposit a counterfeit or not, you are still liable to owe the money back to the bank. Can't pay up? Good luck with Collections and your Credit Score.

Kingsville, Missouri, United States #4482

Read the card guidelines next time. All charges are clearly stated on there.

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