The same thing happened to me. I have two gift cards, one for $200 and the other for $150 only to find that $2.50 a month was being taken out for their maintenance fees.

WHAT MAINTENANCE ???? I called and spoke to several supervisors and they won't refund my money. Funny, when I got the gift card, Commerce Bank's name was not listed in the greeting with mine !! WHAT A BUNCH OF SCAM ARTISTS !


Where do they come off charging fees ?

I'm going to file a complaint....or better yet.....I'll call the news !!

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You should really call and ask how the gift cards work and if they have any fees and or experation dates.

By the way Visa owns the gift cards and the bank doesn't even service them.

Also , They only charge maintenance fees after one year on gift cards. We need to take responsibility for what happens to us sometimes.

Not always fare but always our fault for not educating ourselfs as consumers. I think we are too lazy to do the proper research and it's always easy to blame someone else.

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Um, sorry but *** like this is pretty common practice among most corporations, but is this corruption really all that surprising?

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