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Hello. I've got a small business account at Commerce Bank, and up to now I've been quite pleased. The checks all clear within a day, and the branch I go to is nice and clean.

However, tonight I took a potential investor out for drinks. Things went well, but when I tried to pay with my business card it got declined. I was shocked because I've got a couple thousand in my account, so I call Commerce and they tell me not only is my card deactivated, but my account has been CLOSED.

They tell me it's because I used my account for online gambling. I'm surprised by this, because I've never once used it for online gaming, and I know no one else has access to the card.

It turns out that they think my charges for a site called are gambling charges. Elance is a website that allows users to hire freelancers to do work for them. I often use the site as it's much cheaper than retaining a full time staff.

Anyways, back to the point. These idiots not only didn't call me to ask about the "questionable" charges, they didn't even call me to tell me they had closed the account! They waited until I tried to use the card again to tell me, and it made me look like a complete *** to my investor.

I went to Commerce because I heard their customer service was great, but I am closing all of my accounts there tomorrow (Good thing they're open 7 days a week!). Simply unacceptable for a bank to CLOSE AN ACCOUNT based on transactions that they don't even understand.

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We've been a Commerce Bank customer for over twenty years, with direct deposit of over $2,000 a week. Today they closed our account because they SUSPECTED fraud.

They didn't notify us, No calls, nothing..just cancelled our bank cards, and when I went to use it today, for a $4 purchase, it was denied. They said my wife DEPOSITED too many checks from a credit union! So they SUSPECTED fraud. I've got news for them.

Our pay checks will now be deposited into the credit union. They treat you like you're a criminal. My wife was embarrased to no end when she went to the bank, and they said that not only is the account closed, but we're banned from ever using their bank again. Not a problem there.

Commerce Bank needs to re-check their policies. What a terrible way to run a business.


Commerce previously, now TD BANK closed my account for no reason, seems to be by mistake. And banned me from opening accounts in their bank.

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