Davidsonville, Maryland

I started noticing that my checking account was charged $15 every month. When I asked a rep at the bank what it was for they told me it was a fee charged if i keep less than $100 in my account any day of the month.

Now i pay my bills through my checking account so I don't always have $100 leftover every single day of the month. When I was told that this was not said to me when i opened the account and that it was claimed it was free checking, their answer was "they should have told you." Everyone that opened an account with them told me the same thing, it was never said to them either. Please avoid doing business with this dishonest bank.

It will not be long before they will need to close some of their branches do to dishonesty and stealing.

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do you know how ANNOYING that would be to do that every year? especially if you have direct deposits and have automatic payments through that account?

then you would have to contact all those companies and tell them your account has changed every year. that's not worth it.

just go to a bank that requires mimimum balance. :) :upset


You are always given information that contains "fine print" with any account. It is the consumer's responsibility to read it.


good luck finding that bank


do you know how much of a pain that would be....especially if you have direct deposits and bills that automatically come out of the account every month. it'd be annoying to change all of that EVERY year just to avoid a *** fee. it's be better to find a bank hat DOES NOT require a minimum balance on their checking account.


well since its free for the first year...have you ever had the bright idea of once your account is a year old, close it out and open a new one..that will be free for the first year :eek