Reston, Virginia

I deposited my paycheck on a Monday night and received some cash back. I checked my account on Tuesday morning and the balance of my funds showed AVAILABLE in my account, not current or pending but available. So wrote out a few checks and Wednesday I noticed a charge of $140.00 in fees. When I called nobody could answer my question until I spoke with the branch manager who to my surprise says that even though the money shows available the money is not available to write checks on, it's only available to debit card purchases and atm withdrawals.

I worked for a bank for over ten years and have never heard of availble fund showing available are not truly available. I have reported them to the banking commission and do believe the bank is trying to make money off of their customers.

Beware all apparently commerce bank does not have to play by the same rules.

Product or Service Mentioned: Commerce Bank Manager.

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