Just FYI. I work for a Commerce Bank and I think you are talking about three different banks here in your description and your comments.

A lot of banks have the same name and there are a couple on the east coast. If you look at the links, that Commerce is not head quartered in Cherry, HIll, NJ. Can you let us know which Commerce you are talking about. The one that won the JD Power Award for customer service is in Cherry Hill and has a web site of commerceonline.com.

There is also one in Mass that has like 12 branhes.

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Commercee bank in leavenworth kansas both branches have ripped me off twice I've deposited cash money and it was pending for three days why is it pending it was cash!!!! then they charges 120.00 in overdraft fees!!!!! beware of this bank

Santa Barbara De Samana, Samana, Dominican Republic #26402

Personally, I don't know who determined that survey, but everything about your bank has gone downhill...your bank stole $105 from me in a matter of three days. You made my payroll check available immediately which led me to believe I could pay a bill, and then charged my account $35.00 in "uncollected funds fees" because you used MY deposit to cover the bill.

Then began the ripple effect. Your bank branch manger at Mount Laurel on Ark Road, is the rudest nastiest pompous woman ever in the banking world.

You people really need some sensitivity training and people skills. The customer is most of the time right and you are thieves.

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