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I went to COMMERCE BANK last Saturday, wondering why my paycheck wasn't available in my new Checking account. I was told there is a 5-day hold. I didn't realize they meant business days at the time. Worse yet, Monday was the first business day and upon contacting customer service tonite on the phone (Monday) it was revealed that it's 6 business days. I was told that Next Wednesday the 19th, the pay I deposited on the 7th would be available. This after being told that it would be available TOMORROW, the 11th, by someone at the bank over the weekend.
Even worse yet, (UNBELIEVEABLY) there will be a similar hold on my NEXT paycheck to be deposited there. Well, let's just say it won't be deposited there.

"America's Most Convenient Bank?" Bull ****!
We're a single-income family. Subtract that single income and we're a NO-Income Family!

The icing on the cake is that there was NO WARNING of the extended hold on pay, otherwise I would have gone somewhere, anywhere else.

So, consider yourself warned. Commerce Bank will tie up your pay for a MONTH if you start a checking account and intend to put your pay in it! ...When all they need to do can be accomplished in a few minutes by contacting employers' HR departments and verifying dispersal of checks and amounts.

The first hold, unless they relent tomorrow when I visit the branch again, will result in 1. our power being turned off one day before the release 2. our daughter not having a birthday party and 3. my not being able to transfer the title and tags of a car I just paid for, private sale.

The Next hold (if it were to happen, which it won't) would result in out Mortgage being late, other bills being late and our auto insurance lapsing.


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commerce is holding one of our checks too. But we've been banking with them for 14 years.

So no..its not just new accounts. Talked to them on phone and just loved the way he talked down to me.My money is not good enough for them, so I'm changing banks and spreading the "good word" about them to all my friends and family. Their customer service is no service at all. Half the time they don't know what their taking about and the "manager" is NEVER in.

Bank at Manchester location. They are rude,condescending, and act like the customer is always wrong. They keep the $$ we deposit in the bank as long as they can b/c it looks better on their reports. Like they have more $$ than they actually do.

We also have Saving accts for sons, they messed them up to! Got names mixed. They are one BIG MESS!!

We are changing banks now! Whoopee!!




...or at least think for a change.

No indication of the freezing of assets ALONE is more than enough reason to be pissed off - and - sometimes people happen to make just enough to get by.

...goddam ignorent people. No shortage of them apparently from some of the posts I've read.


I also have placed a complaint and it was poor customer service TOTALLY not because of hold policy. as far as you who say shame on living paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe if the bank froze all of your money one day you might be upset too. More people live paycheck to paycheck these days.



the below comment was in response to the comments from "not pissed" down the bottom (where they belong)


seems you got this person's life figured out. I guess anyone who's short of cash and surprised by their pay being frozen... well it's purely their fault for being in that predicament...

you must be a Republican...


Bad customer service...over the phone in person...etc...And they are 3 years customer satisfaction?> Well I'm not -


It would have be better if you were not living paycheck to paycheck. Don't blame everything on typical bank behavior.


The bank manager or supervisor can over ride these holds. I say go to a bank that is more interested in the customer. I have!


Its called Regulation CC. Its a government-mandated law to hold all check deposits on a new account for 30 days, if you are new to that bank.

Not Commerce's fault you live paycheck to paycheck.


first when you deal with any bussines you must realize time is on their side , they do not need your bussiness per say ,you cannot expect everything to work the way you want it too . if you live from pay check to pay check you best bet is not to belong to a bank but if you start a chcking account take a few bucks each week until you build up enough funds to start taking it out as your needs have to be met , this is a *** cpmplaint and you have to grow up .